Monday, September 29, 2014

Re: at django login my request.POST.get data are all empty, I struggle with what I missed there

Use a login view like this:
def login_view(request):
= LoginForm(initial={'email':})
if request.POST.get('login'):
= LoginForm(data=request.POST)
if form.is_valid():
if user.is_active:
.login(request, form.user)
return redirect('public:courselist')
.error(request, "Ihr Account wurde deaktiviert. Bitte nehmen Sie Kontakt zu uns auf, wenn Sie Ihnen wieder aktivieren wollen.")
return redirect('userauth:login')
return render(request, 'userauth/login.html', {'form': form})

and add a clean() method to your form like this:
    def clean(self):
if self.cleaned_data.get('username') and self.cleaned_data.get('password'):
self.user = authenticate(username=self.cleaned_data['username'], password=self.cleaned_data['password'])
if self.user is None:
raise forms.ValidationError('Please enter a correct username and password.')
elif not self.user.is_active:  # or leave this out and handle inactive case in your view above.
raise forms.ValidationError('This account is inactive.')
return self.cleaned_data

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