Saturday, September 27, 2014

Switching from Linux to Windows for development of Django applications


For reasons outside of my control I have to switch from Linux to Windows
for Django development and was wondering if any Windows developers had
any tips?

On Linux I make heavy use of pip and virtualenv to make sure that my
packages are kept separate from the system packages. I'm thinking about
moving all my development to Python 3.4 which includes a version of
virtualenv. How does this work on Windows? Do you just install packages
normally using the command line into these environments using pip as you
would on Linux?

I'm also thinking about using PyCharm for my development since I can get
a student license for it which seems like a good deal to me. Does that
also support Python 3.4 virtualenvs?

If anyone can post information on their Windows development work flows
I'd be very grateful since I'm pretty new to Windows development work.

Thanks in advance.

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