Monday, September 29, 2014

Re: Config: DB or git?

Den 29/09/2014 kl. 16.11 skrev Derek <>:
> So is it possible to store encrypted database passwords in the Django settings (or local_settings) file?

Yes. A simple solution would be to use a symmetric encryption like simple-crypt to encrypt and decrypt your passwords using a key that you provide externally. Here's a quick example:

import simplecrypt

SECRET_KEY = 'my_secret_key' # Get this from a file, enter it manually or by other sufficiently secure means

# Example code to generate the encrypred password
my_password = 'super_secret'
my_encrypted_password = simplecrypt.encrypt(SECRET_KEY, text)

# This is what you put in
my_encrypted_password = 'KLJJ543#EURO%'
my_password = simplecrypt.decrypt(SECRET_KEY, my_encrypted_password)


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