Saturday, September 27, 2014

Re: Switching from Linux to Windows for development of Django applications

On 28/09/2014 3:09 AM, Some Developer wrote:
> If anyone can post information on their Windows development work flows
> I'd be very grateful since I'm pretty new to Windows development work.

* This goes against Microsoft recommendations but I install Python2.x
and Python3.x in the root of drive C: so I'm not forced to use a
admin-privileged cmd shell.

* I put the following dirs on the Windows path ...

C:\Users\mike\bin and C:\Users\mike\bat

* I write batch files rather than virtualenvwrapper because it wasn't
available to me when I started using virtualenv.

* My favourite batch file in development is run.bat which launches in various guises ... see below

* I use subversion running on my Ubuntu staging server plus buildbot on
the same machine. When I commit changes to the repo, buildbot blows the
staging site away completely and starts again from scratch and runs all
the tests. I know its not git but I like it.

* I use a plain text editor with syntax highlighting because I haven't
installed Pycharm. I've downloaded it but haven't had time to think
about it. I should.

Good luck


# run.bat
@echo off
echo .
echo .
echo .
echo Should be running in virtualenv
echo .
echo .
echo .

if %1xx==xx (
..\Scripts\python runserver
goto end

if %2xx==xx (
set apps=common company refer substance workplace
) else (
set apps=%2

if %1==dumpdata (
set file=%2
goto dumpdata

if %1==syncdb (
set file=%2
goto syncdb

if %1==test (

copy substance\fixtures\test_data.json
substance\fixtures\initial_data.json /Y

..\Scripts\python test --settings=ssds.settings.test
--verbosity=1 %apps%


if %1==cover (

copy substance\fixtures\test_data.json
substance\fixtures\initial_data.json /Y

coverage run test --settings=ssds.settings.test --verbosity=1

coverage html

goto end


..\Scripts\python syncdb

goto end


if %2xx==xx set file=fixtures\initial_data-x.json

..\Scripts\python dumpdata --settings=ssds.settings.production
--indent=2 --verbosity=0 --natural --exclude=contenttypes
--exclude=auth.permission --exclude=admin.logentry
--exclude=sessions.session --exclude=company.userprofile <snip my
project tables>...</snip> --exclude=south.migrationhistory > %file%


set json=fixtures\initial_data.json

if exist %json% (del %json%)

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