Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Approaches for sharing development fixtures across teams


We have been struggling with sharing development fixtures between each other. Keeping media files, and db in sync has been problematic for us. We started by just storing zip files containing media files directory, and a pg_dump of the database. Fine. But then we started to swap branches, db got out of sync, swapping/changing/deleting migrations in feature branches due to changing in models, etc etc...

I ended up writing a management, that relies on that git, and a set of other tools are installed. It includes auto detection when restoring fixtures, and of course dev fixtures with tagged commit ids.

Does anyone else have other approaches? Other packages around?

The first release, that is working well for us right now, can be found here:

And of course on pypi:

And docs:

It has its limitations, but a clear approach. But there might be better approaches?


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