Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mobile eCommerce with Django

I'm working on a Django back-end that provides an API (using Django REST Framework) for a mobile app. I'm looking to add eCommerce functionality to this back-end, with all of this functionality being used by the mobile app via the API.

The eCommerce functionality needed is the usual standard stuff (products, cart, checkout, orders, payment gateway integration etc.), but it will need to be flexible enough so that I can create some relations between my existing models and the eCommerce models (particularly with products).

Has anyone successfully implemented something like this before? If so, what did you use?

I've tried using Django Oscar and Django Oscar API, but ended up ditching this approach as it seemed like it was really only suited to being used for an eCommerce website so it felt like I was wrestling with Django Oscar to get things working completely via a REST API. There was also a lack of documentation for using Django Oscar to provide eCommerce functionality via a REST API.

I've also looked at external options like Moltin which provides eCommerce functionality via an API, but I don't like the thought of needing to implement functionality at some point in the future which isn't available in Moltin and having to completely scrap Moltin or do some tedious workarounds to implement the functionality.

I'm now looking at the option of Django Shop, which [according to the documentation]( seems like it would support using all of its functionality via a REST API. Does anyone have experience with using Django Shop like this?

TL;DR: Looking for options for providing eCommerce functionality that is used entirely by a mobile app via a REST API.

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