Thursday, March 24, 2016

Django, uwsgi, gevent, Pymongo


We have a live site running on Django and uwsgi. Pymongo is being used in the application for MonogoDB. uwsgi is being used to run the Django application.

As per Pymongo docs, it has been suggested to use Gevent monkey patching:

Being new to Django and uwsgi, would appreciate if anyone could suggest - if to call Gevents monkey.patch_all() in or

Also, as per the Pymongo documentation, only threads and sockets are being used and are to be replaced. Hence, can I just call monkey.patch_thread() and monkey.patch_socket()?

Also, would there be any potential issues that could arise due to the above?

uwsgi version is 2.0.12 and django version is 1.8.4.

Looking forward to clarifications...


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