Wednesday, October 26, 2022

In need of a Technical Mentor

Hi everyone,

My name is Peter and am a computer science student, I have been coding for a while now, majorly in C and Python, and am desperately in need of a technical mentor to help me out on Django, I don't mind if he gives me projects and sets deadline for me, am ready for it, I need someone who would accept me as a friend or a brother and groom me for the future, I need someone who would treat me like his smart son, am fast in learning, I jovial, sometimes nerdy 🥺, am constantly learning and most importantly I love building communities...

Please if you're touched or moved to help me on my journey, kindly reach out to me

WhatsApp Number:- +2348115333313
Twitter:- @Ben_pete3

Thanks so much 🙏🙂

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