Monday, October 24, 2022

Re: Update from 3.9 to 3.10.8 and uninstall 3.9

Sadly I can't advise on Windows 11. Nor am I across Anaconda and I don't know what Spyder is.

The path is where Windows looks for a program if you don't specify where it is. You will need to google the location of the path environment variable on Windows 11.

Good luck - I'm sure you will enjoy Python. 

BTW - there is not a lot of difference between Python versions for beginners. You would be best to stick with the version you have installed until you are more comfortable with the lay of the land.


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Thank you, that was quick.. My problem is/are the technical terms such as path and environment . It took me about 10 hours, (I am retired so have time), to upgrade to Spyder 5.3.3 because the input command didn't work; the solution offered by Spyder did not work. I am grateful . I shall now try to understand how to activate  anaconda environment and path. I have Windows 11.
Best wishes

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On 23/10/2022 9:13 pm, B N wrote:
I am new to python and wish to update 3.9 to3.10.8 which I have downloaded. How do I replace 3.9 with the 3.10.8 I downloaded.  Kind regards  JohnGee  

It depends on the operating system.

Typically, you can just install the new version and adjust your environment vars (ie., path) to point to the new version instead of the old.

The theoretical reason is that you may have other programs/scripts etc which still rely on the old version.

If you are new to Python, you should probably avoid installing later versions until you have studied virtual environments. A venv will let you keep your "system" Python(s) clean and unencumbered while being able to experiment with all sorts of additional libraries, packages etc in multiple separate sub-environments.


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