Monday, May 31, 2010

DJango Deployment

Hi ,
I am new to Django.

I have developed a tool using
Python CGI. I have been successfully deploying it using Apache Tomcat
5.5, from cgi/bin directory. After knowing the benefits of Django I
have planned to complete the remaining modules using Django. I
successfully configured deploying Django using Apache 2.2 web server
using file. Now the tool is running on two different
servers, the older Python CGI scripts are executed perfectly at port
8080 by Tomcat, but at port 80 ( Apache webserver) whenever a Django
project is requested through ajax without loading the page again, the
server times out showing 301 Moved Permanently error. What could be
the reason and remedy for the problem ?. On keeping a href link that
points to a Django project successfully reloads the page and shows the
response as a new page.

Should I be using Jython to deploy Django in Tomcat ?

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