Monday, May 31, 2010

not understanding the OAuth2 docs

I plan on utilizing: for my
django-based Twitter app, however I'm wondering if anyone here who
understands the django example, understands it better than I do.

The first half of the page has an example for just plain Python, and
there's a part there, where it looks like the user is prompted for a

"oauth_verifier = raw_input('What is the PIN? ')"

However, lower in the page, in the Django example, there's no mention
of this.

Another difference between the two:
Python example: Uses: ''

Django: '

Should I just ignore that, and just simply implement the Django
example into my code, and not try to fully understand that fully right
now? There's always later, for when I have time to really grasp the
Oauth2 flow.

My goal is to completely use "Use twitter as login", which I'm
guessing is the "three-legged" Oauth flow.


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