Sunday, May 30, 2010

Re: Django 1.2.1 install in Ubuntu 10.04 via Synaptic?

Hello, there.
If You need new versions features or if You want to keep Your django
updated it is not a problem.
Install it manually. There is information about on django website.
Also it'll be helpful to read about trunk version.
It is python. :)

Best regards.

On May 31, 1:42 am, AD <> wrote:
> I previously installed Django 1.1.1 via Ubuntu's Synaptic manager. For
> anyone with experience under that OS and that install, I'm wondering:
> -- Should I wait for a Django 1.2.1 package to show up under Synaptic
> or uninstall 1.1.1 and then manually install 1.2.1? I honestly don't
> know who "controls" when those packages get updated and how long it
> will take.
> Thanks!

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