Sunday, May 30, 2010

Re: how to show blank spaces at the start of string in django templates

On May 29, 7:47 am, Ogi Vranesic <> wrote:
> Hi
> I formated with python numbers like e.g.:
> "   3457.50"
> " 11450.25"
> but my problem is to show them correctly one below the other
> in a column by django templates
> because the blank spaces are ignored.
> I tried with the filter escape, however it does not work.
> A solution would be to loop over the characters in string like:
> <td>{% for c in number_string %}{% if c == ' ' %} {% else %}{{ c }}{% endif %}{% endfor %}</td>
> and so to replace blank space with   but this is very cumbersome.
> Can somebody tell me if we here have a simple and elegant solution?
> Thanks in advance and best regards
> Ogi

Use Django's template filters! :D
use {{ c | rjust:8 }}
rjust is right-justification. It requires an integer argument (or
string that can be cast as an integer) that represents the size of the

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