Sunday, May 30, 2010

Re: Django 1.2.1 install in Ubuntu 10.04 via Synaptic?

On May 30, 2010, at 10:07 PM, AD wrote:

> Thanks for replying.
> I do understand that i can install it manually. I'm just wondering
> whether it's worth doing now or waiting for a package update. From
> what I gather, Ubuntu installs Django in different locations than the
> straight Django install does, so I would have to make changes to
> configs, etc.
> Thanks again.

In my opinion, it's definitely not worth waiting for something as large as the Ubuntu repo to upgrade its version of Django.

1. Having the latest version of Django is not going to break anything in Ubuntu, like upgrading from the pre-installed version of a programming language or compiler, or maybe a Gnome library.

2. You definitely want to have the latest stable version, just for protection from any bugs patched in the latest release.

3. Django 1.2.1 is out and official. If you're just learning Django, or just starting a new project, it'll be a lot easier in the long run if you start with a newer release.

4. Installing a Python module (which is all Django is) should not have anything to do with Ubuntu's repository. Would you refuse to install the MySQL or PostgreSQL Python module if it didn't come with Ubuntu?

Shawn Milo

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