Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trouble with translation

Hello everyone I am creating my second Django project, this being the
first to include translation. I am running Django Version 1.2 and
seem to be having a issue with the message files for translation.

I created a conf/local in my project root directory and ran django- makemessages -l de edited the .po file to translate a few
things, then ran compilemessages to compile the
messages then restarted the server with runserver. I changed FireFox
to have the default language of de so that the headers would have my
accpet-langague as de. However nothing is translating.

If I add the translation to the po file in django/conf/local/de (the
files that ship with django) and compile the messages again it seems
to work. I am not sure as to why if I change the default po files
that come with django, the translation will work, however if I create
them for my project in <project_home>/conf/local they files seem to
be ignored.

Can any shed some light on this?

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