Thursday, July 29, 2010

Issue with loading fixtures in tests with multi database in Django 1.2

Hi there.

I'm currently working on a project where I use a legacy database with a django one.
I've setup the multi database support and it seems to work pretty well.
However, I'm getting an issue with testing.

I need a fixture to load data to both the legacy and Django's databases.
In order to make this work, I found that I needed to set the multi_db to True in my TestCase (otherwise the legacy database data aren't loaded).
However, if I do that, it turns out that Django will throw an exception complaining about django_site not existing on my legacy database and would stop tests.

I also noticed some weird behavior with the initial data.
My initial_data load fine while the test framework works on the django database but it will complains about corrupted file while creating the legacy database (whether or not my testcase has the mult_db set).

Has someone a pointer or ideas on how to solve those issues ?
Esp the django_site thing which just blocks any test.


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