Thursday, July 29, 2010

Re: How to access a MySQL table in Django?

Whenever I have to pull data from legacy databases, I use './
inspectdb >'. That will dump models for the database. Then I
rename the models to make more sense, and use the orm to get my data.


On Jul 28, 12:58 pm, snipinben <>
> I have the python-mysqldb installed already and i have  django up and
> running. when i installed the python-mysqldb i had to hack the code kind of
> so that it didnt check if the versions were the same so that it would work.
> I got this idea from online. but anyways, I am wondering how to access
> records that were already in the database before I started the project. i
> know how to access records from data that i inserted through tables in the
> file. but i have no idea how to access them straight from the
> database itself. please give me any info you got. thanks
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