Friday, July 30, 2010

Re: test's says post but request.method says GET

On Jul 30, 1:18 am, Phlip <> wrote:
> Django aficionados:
> Here's my test code:
>         from django.test.client import Client
>         self.client = Client()
>         from django.core.files.base import ContentFile
>         file_content = ContentFile(sample_inventory_update_cvs())
> = 'response.csv'
>         response = self.url,
>                                      data={'csv_file':file_content} )
> Disregard all that ContentFile nonsense (unless it's causing the bug).
> Inside the action code, I want to distinguish GETting from POSTing.
> One paints the page and the other absorbs new form data, as usual.
> However, when I print request.method, I get GET.
> Is this a bug in Client? or in (ahem) my comprehension?
> --
>   Phlip

What's the value of `self.url`? One possibility is that it doesn't end
with a slash, and you have the APPEND_SLASH setting set to True (the
default), so Django is redirecting from '/foo' to '/foo/'. A
redirected POST ends up as a GET.

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