Thursday, June 30, 2011

django.contrib.admin - custom css class in result_headers

Hi there,
as I want to add custom css class to table header in admin, I was
looking for template, which I should edit.

I found that method result_headers in django/contrib/admin/
templatetags/ sets whole 'class="xxx"' string. Why is
there 'class=' thing ? It's quiet complicated to alter template with
this hardcoded string. (This part of question is more for developers,

My question is, how can I override templatetag ( result_headers in
this case ) ?

Thank you!

Ps: My original idea was add css class according to field name and
type, eg: class="id integer", etc. I want to specify column width
according it's content. Is there any better solution than overriding
template tag?

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