Wednesday, June 29, 2011

getting objects unique in several ways (annotate?)

Sorry about the vague title. Its hard for me to summarize this in one
short sentence.
Lets say I have two models (using pseudo code):

name = charfield()

start_date = DateTimeField()
item = ManytoMany(Book)
recipient = CharField()

Now for every book, I want to know the recipient of only the most
recent transaction. I can get the start date of the most recent
transaction for each book with

Book.objects.annotate(mostrecent = Max('transaction__start_date'))

but what I would like is the pk of that transaction, so I can get more
information about it. Can this be done even in multiple queries?
Must I hack a solution using lists instead of queries?

I have simplified my question quite a bit, I hope not too much.

thanks for reading,

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