Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Managing objects spred among several tables/databases.

Hello here.

My application task is to integrate several applications, and it
should manipulate objects, spread among several tables in several
databases. Final object is constructed by 'joining' tables by single
field (or derivatives).
A user should see such objects as solid entities and manipulate them
with basic CRUD operations (with search).
Backend should synchronize all changes in all databases.
And i wish i could use admin site for that.

If i guess correctly, all required magic should go into custom
QuerySet implementation to properly translate CRUD operations on
models into various distributed requests on databases, like zigzag-
joins, etc instead of usual sql.Queries.

I wonder if QuerySet is the only consolidation of such interface.
What else should i customize to make it work? (i see at least
db.models.Manager should be customized to use another queryset impl)
Also, how to figure out what subset of QuerySet interface is used in
admin site?

Maybe, someone already managed similar task and there are some recipes?

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