Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Re: Curious int/float/division/math 'gotcha' in py (discussion)

On 2011-06-28, at 15:31 , Tom Evans wrote:
> Bit OT, but I'll bite (doesn't really relate to Django). Dividing two
> ints ALWAYS returns an int.
Unless you've switched to Python 3, or imported division from __future__ in which case true division is the default, and integer division is bumped to '//'.

> Calling math.ceil() ALWAYS returns a
> float. I think you were expecting that python would automagically
> store the remainder somewhere so that math.ceil() has something to
> operate on. It doesn't do that!
Or he was expecting that Python uses true division always (a default the core team seems to agree with since they changed it in 3.0)

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