Thursday, June 30, 2011

Re: Weird join conditions

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 02:13:05PM -0700, peroksid wrote:
> Thank you, Michal,
> Unfortunately, I need join condition, not a WHERE clause, which can be
> easily extended with extra() method arguments.
> It is not my bad mood, simply the same condition in WHERE and ON
> produces different effect.

Hmm, could you please provide an example? (-: Don't know whether it's
the late night combined with lack of caffeine or something else but I
can't figure out the difference at the moment...

> I think rather about some method which gets together whole SQL query.
> Currently I call join() on queryset's query to join my table with part
> of target join condition.
> I could take the query assembled by "assembler" method and replace the
> part of condition with an entire one.
> It seems you know pretty much about Django ORM if you work on
> composite keys (great respect).
> Could you please hint me about this "assembler" method I babble about?

Well, basically, the models.sql.query.Query.join method and friends
manage a list of joins which is then processed in

Anyway, in some cases it might be more reasonable to just write your
own query instead of fighting with the ORM to make it do what you
wanti at all cost. (-; Bear in mind that if you try to override these
deeply hidden mechanisms in your code, you'll have to keep in sync
with any internal changes and refactors. And I can assure you these
will happen in the foreseeable future. (-;


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