Thursday, March 23, 2023

Re: how i use django in blockchain.

On 23/03/2023 6:02 pm, Shubham Lahane wrote:
im currently working on my BE project. my project topic is 'secure EFIR using Blockchain'. actually im working on wesbite that is decentralized in nature. once user fill the FIR form, in backend smart contracts will run and i want to show transaction hash to user who filled the FIR form. how i can integrate brownie and django so that i can show transaction hash to user ??

1. Put the hash into the context dict in your view for example, context["hash"] = r"""{0}""".format(hash)

2. Insert the hash in your template somewhere {{ hash }}

Just like any other data you wish to display

.plz help me i have very less time.
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