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Re: sub-list not showing

A quick glance: In your temple for loop you have 'student_set' in the conditional and  'students_set' in the loop. That doesn't seem right.

On Mar 16, 2023, at 9:01 PM, nef <> wrote:
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your feedback.
Please, is there anyone  who can help me on how to do it?
Thank you

On Thursday, 16 March 2023 at 22:01:53 UTC+1 Namanya Daniel wrote:
You need to achieve related fields to achieve the most of this… thank you 

On Thu, 16 Mar 2023 at 23:59, Namanya Daniel <> wrote:
Hello… am using a phone to reply this but I would love to give a hint on something. When you have a child, it's means there's a parent foreign key in the child model. You can use grouper to group child model results so that every is grouped together under a particular parent field. 

On Thu, 16 Mar 2023 at 21:22, nef <> wrote:
Hi all,
I am facing problem to display a sub-list.
In my model, I ahave a Student and Parent models. A prent can have one or more students.
I want to list all the student in the parent page, but it is not showing. 
Please see here my code.

class Student(models.Model):
    #std_matricule = models.CharField(verbose_name='Student matricule', max_length=6, null=False, unique=True, primary_key=True)
    std_matricule = models.CharField(verbose_name='Matricule', unique=True, max_length=16, null=False, blank=False, help_text='Matricule of the student')
    std_parents = models.ForeignKey(Parents, on_delete=models.DO_NOTHING, related_name='Parents', unique=False, null=True, blank=True, verbose_name='Student parents')
    std_email = models.EmailField(verbose_name='Email', null=False, blank=True, help_text='Enter the email of the student or leave blank if not exist')
    std_password = models.CharField(verbose_name='Password', max_length=512, null=False, blank=True, help_text='Type the password with 6 characters minimum')
    std_surname = models.CharField(verbose_name='Surname', null=False, blank=False, max_length=128, help_text='Type the Surname of the student as in the birth certificate')
    std_firstname = models.CharField(verbose_name='First name', null=False, blank=True, max_length=128, help_text='Type the student first name')
    std_midlename = models.CharField(verbose_name='Midle name', null=False, blank=True, max_length=128, help_text='Type the student first name')
    std_nickname = models.CharField(verbose_name='Student Nickname', max_length=64, null=False, blank=True, help_text='If exist, type student nickname here')

lass Parents(models.Model):
    father_surname = models.CharField(verbose_name='Father surname', max_length=128, null=False, blank=True, help_text='Student Father surname as in the birth certificate')
    father_firstName = models.CharField(verbose_name='Father name', max_length=128, null=False, blank=True)
    father_phone = models.CharField(verbose_name='Father phone number', max_length=24, null=False, blank=True, help_text='Phone number of the Father')
    father_dateOfBirth = models.DateField(verbose_name='Father date of birth', null=True, blank=True)
    father_placeOfBirth = models.CharField(verbose_name='Father place of birth', max_length=512, null=True, blank=True)
    father_nationality = models.CharField('Father nationality', max_length=256, null=False, blank=True)
    father_adress = models.CharField(verbose_name='Father resident adress', max_length=512, null=False, blank=True)  
    father_occupation = models.CharField(verbose_name='Father occupation', max_length=512, null=False, blank=True)
    mother_surname = models.CharField(verbose_name='Mother surname', null=False, max_length=128, help_text='Student Father name as in the birth certificate')
    mother_firstName = models.CharField(verbose_name='Mother name', max_length=128, null=False, blank=True)
    mother_phone = models.CharField(verbose_name='Mother phone number', max_length=64, null=False, blank=True, help_text='Phone number of the mother')
    mother_dateOfBirth = models.DateField(verbose_name='Mother date of birth', null=True, blank=True)
    mother_placeOfBirth = models.CharField(verbose_name='Mother place of birth', max_length=512, null=False, blank=True)
    mother_nationality = models.CharField('Mother nationality', max_length=512, null=False, blank=True)
    mother_adress = models.CharField(verbose_name='Mother resident adress', max_length=512, null=False, blank=True)  
    mother_occupation = models.CharField(verbose_name='Mother occupation', max_length=512, null=False, blank=True)

def parentsDetails(request, pk):
    parentObj = Parents.objects.get(parent_id=pk)
    context = {'parentObj': parentObj}
    return render(request, "students_management_app/parents-single.html", context)

{% extends 'main.html' %}

    {% block content %}
        <h1>A parent page for more details </h1>
        <!-- <img src= "{{ buildingObj.buildingIMG1.url }}"> -->
        <h2>Father full name: {{parentObj.father_firstName}} {{parentObj.father_surname}}</h2>
        <h2>Mother full name: {{parentObj.mother_firstName}} {{parentObj.mother_surname}}</h2>
            Register date: {{parentObj.parent_createDate}}
        <p><a href="{% url 'parents-list' %}">Add parents</a><br/></p>
        {% if parentObj.student_set.all %}
            {% for student in parentObj.students_set.all %}
                <h2>List of students</h2>
                <p>{{student.std_firstname}} {{student.std_midlename}} {{student.std_surname}}</p>

            {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
        <p>No Student found in the database</p>
    {% endblock content %}

The page is displaying well with all the information for the parent, but not student data.
Thank you

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