Monday, February 28, 2011

Could not find the GEOS library

i am working on a simple employee listing Django application. i wanted to include filtering in my app, so tried installing django-filter module. i think django-filter is not installed properly ( i am not going to use it anyway). But after doing this, when i try to run my application, it gives this "ViewDoesNotExist at /employeeList/ ;
Could not import task.employeeDetails.views. Error was: Could not find the GEOS library (tried "geos_c", "GEOS"). Try setting GEOS_LIBRARY_PATH in your settings " . while i searched for the error,came to know the error is due to some wrong geoDjango installation. But i dont need geoDjango and i am wondering how its throwing this error. Before doing this, my app was working fine. Somebody please help me to solve this problem.

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Ravi Krishna

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