Monday, February 28, 2011

Python/Django position in King of Prussia, PA, US

Hi everyone. I thought I'd check in with my "home group" before I post
this up on Dice. Any locals?


Python/Django Developer

Greenphire is a growing company in King of Prussia, PA. We are looking
for a bright developer to join us in our quest for truth, justice, and
the Pythonic way. We wear jeans. We write code. If you join us, you
will write production code that will be used by real people and help
them to do their jobs better.

Necessary habits:

Love coding in Python ;o)

Pragmatism; must be able to deliver, first and foremost.
When in a pinch, get the job done instead of getting it perfect.

Desirable habits:

Read programmers' blogs

Attend conferences or user group meetings

Participate in a mailing list for a technology you love

Share code on github or bitbucket

Enjoy keeping up with developments in the Python and Django world

If this sounds like a dream opportunity, e-mail me your resume and cover
letter and let's get the conversation started.

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