Monday, February 28, 2011

Re: Number of Django powered sites?

I've found that using "django tutorial" and "django documentation" in
google insights/trends does a pretty good job of filtering out the
namespace noise. You can also append tutorial or documentation to the
names of other frameworks to get an idea of relative trends.


On Feb 25, 9:10 pm, Russell Keith-Magee <>
> On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 6:49 AM, Adrian Andreias <> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I'm looking for some global statistics like:
> > - number of django powered web sites
> > - number of python powered sites
> > - web framework popularity index
> > - number of django developers
> > I know it's the most popular py web framework, I'm just looking for
> > numbers, absolute or relative.
> > I'm already a Django developer, so it's not about choosing a
> > framework, I just need numbers for a research.
> I'd like these number too :-)
> Seriously -- this is something that's really hard to give concrete
> numbers for, because Django doesn't require any specific registration
> process, and there's no 'telltale sign' that can be used to
> automatically identify a Django site when it's in the wild.
> It's an imprecise science, but here's a few suggestions for ways you
> can get numbers that reflect the size of the Django audience:
>  * Number of subscribers to django-dev and django-users mailing lists.
> However, these numbers aren't comprehensive -- almost everyone I know
> that is using Django professionally *isn't* on these mailing lists.
>  * Number of job ads mentioning Django.
>  * Alexa numbers Inaccurate an incomplete, but
> easily available.
>  * Google trend numbers for Django. Problematic because "django" also
> describes a Jazz musician, an Italian spaghetti western movie, and a
> professional pool player (amongst others).
> The other approach that's worth looking into: rather than looking for
> specific numbers, look for case studies that demonstrate large
> established companies that are using Django. We've got a
> work-in-progress list of some such success stories on our wiki [1];
> we're hoping to turn this in a more useful resource.
> [1]
> Sorry I can't give any better answer than that. If you manage to find
> any other source of useful data, I'm certainly interested to hear
> about it.
> Yours,
> Russ Magee %-)

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