Sunday, February 27, 2011

Re: how to get attribute of intermediary model?

Ah yes, that is *much* better. Thank you! Sorry for the delay,
forgot to check back on this thread till now.


On Feb 17, 2:28 pm, Daniel Roseman <> wrote:
> On Thursday, February 17, 2011 10:06:40 PM UTC, Margie Roginski wrote:
> > Thanks for your reply, Daniel.  I didn't give my example specifically
> > enough.  In my particular case I actually have a handle to the Person
> > and actually don't need all the join dates for all the people in that
> > group.  I just need that person's join date.
> > I can see that it is easy to get all membership info for a given
> > group, but I'm guessing that my original solution is the appropriate
> > solution for getting the join date for just a single person?
> > Margie
> No, because you're doing a lot of extra selecting and iterating that you
> don't need to. You can still do it in a single go:
>     Membership.objects.get(person=person, group__name='beatles').join_date
> I often find that apparently difficult queries become a lot simpler if you
> approach them from the other direction - from the Membership rather than the
> Group, in this instance.
> --
> DR.

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