Monday, February 28, 2011

django, postgresql and eliminating duplicates


I have a model which allowed duplicates to be entered. Subsequently it
was decided to add a unique_together constraint and make the necessary
change in the db structure. Postgresql of course will not make a
unique_together constraint if there are duplicates. Since this is one
off, I wrote a script to eliminate duplicates, the script worked, but
psql is still not accepting the constraint saying there *are*
duplicates. The script is here:

def getdups():
mems = Member.objects.all()

for mem in mems:

dte =,1,1)
tod =
while ((dte.year != tod.year) and (dte.month != tod.month+1)):
Scoringrecord.objects.filter(member=mem,scoredate=dte).count() > 1:
for x in
dte = dte+datetime.timedelta(days=1)
return 1
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