Wednesday, March 30, 2011

authentication switching mid-session

When my Django system is under heavy load (system CPU > 90%), I start
getting complaints from users that their authentication changes in the
middle of a session. For example:

1) Bob logs in to the site. The site says "Hello Bob" at the top of
each page.
2) Bob uses the site for a while without incident
3) Bob notices that the top of the page now says "Hello Steve".

The problem is intermittent, and I can't duplicate it (but I have seen
it with my own eyes). I'm running Django 1.2.5 on Windows, with
SessionMiddleware installed. I have django.contrib.sessions in my
INSTALLED_APPS, and I believe that I'm using database-backed sessions,
with a MySQL database.

The only "odd" thing that I'm doing is that I have four instances of
Apache running, with my Django app running via mod_wsgi in each of
them. There is another apache server in front that does load-
balancing, so multiple requests from a single user may get routed to
different apache instances (which is what I want, to get maximum
throughput on Ajax calls). But I thought that having the sessions be
database-backed would deal with this (multiple session requests can
hit the database at the same time).

Any thoughts? I'm sorry this is such a lousy, unrepeatable case.

P.S. I have looked at,
which says that this issue has been fixed, but I can't tell if this is
the same issue or not.

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