Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Django IDE : how to start the devserver in an editor?

I`m trying to develop a simple plugin[0] for the Editra[1] editor for
django development. Right now it can create django projects and apps
from within the editor. The editor is based on wxPython and I want to
start the devserver from within the editor, show a simple form with
the option to stop or kill/restart the server.

The goal is to minimize the need to do repetetive tasks in the console/
shell. My reason for doing this is that I`m working in a Microsoft
only company where you seldom do stuff using the command line. Selling
django is hard when I`m in and out of the shell/command line to start/
restart the server, syncdb, migrate etc. To make the job of selling
django to my co-workers and hopefully make development easier ( at
least for the django developers who likes to work in an IDE ) I`ve
started the work on a plugin for Editra. Right now the plugin adds a
menu item called Django with two subitems; create project and create
app. A context menu is in the works which will give different options
depending on the content of the file being edited; right click in a
window holding will give you the option to start the
server, call syncdb, migrate etc. A right click in will give
you options to help you generate views, in scaffolding,
generation of etc.

The only thing I cannot get my head around is how to start/kill/
restart the devserver from inside the app. If anybody has any
information about this I`d be very grateful. When the plugin is more
stable and has a few more features I`ll post something, perhaps do a
screencast as well. Any help, input, comments or ideas are

NB! I know the main problem here is not django specific, more
wxpython, but I post the message here because I hope this project
might be of interest to other django developers as well.

Thomas Weholt


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