Thursday, March 31, 2011

Re: WxPython and django

On Thursday, March 31, 2011 06:34:42 pm Aref Nammari wrote:
> Hi Calvin, I think that there is some misunderstanding about what my
> question was about. Let me try to clarify. Wxpython is a module which is
> run just like any other python module. It is great for rendering forms,
> widgets, frames etc...and it has within it an html module. You can embed
> wxpython within html code.
> Since wxpython is a python module and if you can run python code in django
> apps then you should be able to run wxpython code provided the right
> modules are imported--just like any other python module. What I was
> thinking of doing is either embed some wxpython code within html to render
> the different pages of the django app or call wxpython functions from the
> html template. All the code resides on the server of course. The user
> interacts with the app through the web page. So the forms would be
> rendered by wxpython instead of html. I don't know if this is clearer or
> if what I am thinking of is feasible at all.

It's not feasable at all. Thing is, wxPython is a python bindings to
wxwidgets, which is a c++ gui framework. The browser will not know how to
handle them, this is on purpose. The browser itself does all the actual
rendering of widgets from within its html engine, the browser should not know
about wxwidgets, even if it itself is written in wx, this way.

Don't let how the code is written fool you. wxpython is not going to work the
way you think it is. Browsers for security reasons do not execute random code
and you can not send the widgets over the network that way, You'll need to
rewrite the gui code.


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