Wednesday, March 30, 2011

staticfile app question

Like many people, I'm switching over to use a static directory to
serve site media. Overall, it works extremely well, but I have a
question about one aspect of it.

I have a CSS file that includes urls. I was wondering about the
possibility of the staticfile app inserting the proper STATIC_URL as
it's being collected.

For example, things like:

#container-head {
background: transparent url('/static/img/bg/cap/head-inner-
bg.gif') 50% 0 no-repeat;

Would it be a bad idea to write like this:

#container-head {
background: transparent url('{{ STATIC_URL }}img/bg/cap/head-inner-
bg.gif') 50% 0 no-repeat;

the collectstatic command could insert the right url as it is being

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