Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Re: Unable To Delete Records

On 30-08-11 13:05, Showket Bhat wrote:
> I have created a small application where in i am inserting and
> deleting records. I am able to delete a single record however when a
> select all or more then one record it deletes the last record only.. I
> tried a lot but failed please help I am wring the Code and the Console
> output here....
> ===========================================
> my function to delete a medecine from its table in views.py
> ===========================================
> def delete_medecine(request,medecine={}):
> print "------>>",request.POST
> list = []
> for i in request.POST['del_id']:
> m = Medecine.objects.get(id = i)
> m.delete()
> return HttpResponseRedirect('/medecine')

Ah! Your code is fine, apart from one detail: the request.POST looks
like a regular dictionary, but it isn't. It is a querydict, look at

your request.POST['del_id'] effectively calls __getitem__('del_id') on
the querydict and the querydict documentation says:

"If the key has more than one value, __getitem__() returns the last value."

Now you know why only the last item gets deleted. It bit my once, too.

What you need to call is request.POST.getlist('del_id'): that will give
you the list you're expecting.


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