Tuesday, August 30, 2011

App namespace/packages?

There are "reusable" apps which provide functionality in a variety of
However, some apps only make sense (because of dependencies) in the
context of one or more other apps.
For example, I have a relatively big piece of software consisting of
(like a good boy) multiple apps, which work together.
Some are "core apps", some are optional "plugin apps". The latter
could be installed and used, but really only when the core apps are
Nevertheless, they sit on that same top-level namespace together with
all the other "really reusable" apps.

I think a shop system is a good example, and looking at satchmo I saw
apps called "satchmo_this" and "satchmo_that".
I'd rather see such apps packaged up so it's clear where they belong

Before posting a feature request on the issue tracker I thought I'd
ask how other people deal with this situation?
I'd love if all apps were in a directory "apps", and the various
loaders allowed me to go another level.


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