Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Re: Argh: templates, admin, and app loading order

Hm, yes, that might work, although at this point I'm a little
concerned about changing the order of applications anyway, since I'm
not sure what other side effects it might have. Mostly I'm
uncomfortable with how important application order ends up being to
how one's project operates, especially given that the behavior is
inconsistent for different aspects of the framework.

Is there any way to force the third party app's admin.register() calls
to execute before running my own -- e.g. by importing thirdparty.admin
at the top of my

On Aug 30, 5:51 pm, Doug Ballance <> wrote:
> Can you use the filesystem loader as the first template loader, then
> set TEMPLATE_DIRS in to specify a template directory
> outside any app?  Use this location for all of your overrides, just
> make sure the path is right... ie each app you override would have its
> own subdirectory.

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