Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Re: django-sms-gateway

__init.py__ (incorrect) or (correct)?

I suspect you'll need to a) describe in more detail what you're trying
to do and what's failing, and b) share more of your code and the error
traceback in order for anyone to help you diagnose the problem.

On Aug 31, 4:28 am, damola oyeniyi <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have managed to install django-sms-gateway for use in my application, but I run into a few problems.
> The structure of the package is such that the 3 models are inside a models directory. So far, everything looks like its in place; there is an __init.py__ file in the models directory complete with proper code and each model file is aptly described with the app_label meta. However, I still cannot get the code to run.
> The errors I get after tweaking include:
> cannot import name Gateway
> no model named model
> What to do?

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