Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Security implications of using the form.fields dictionary directly

Hi all,

In relation to my previous post (unanswered,
I would like to ask about the security implications of doing the

What I would like to have in the template is:
{{ form.tueren.A}}
{{ form.tueren.B }},

If I inherit from form.Field and create a tueren FormField with
attributes A,B, etc. I have a direct access to it via
form.fields['tueren'], so
I can write in the template:
{{ form.fields.tueren.A}}
{{ form.fields.tueren.B }}

However, this effectively circumvents the default mechanism of
instantiating a BoundField that restricts the use of the Field in
certain ways, so I was wondering what kind of security repercussions
this might have?

Best regards,
Venelin Petkov

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