Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Django online training


I'm fairly new to Python and Django. I've dabbled a bit on some toy
projects, but I am about to give it a go on a more serious piece of
work. Normally I code in Java using a TDD approach and I want to
retain that security blanket when I start a larger Django project. I'm
comfortable with tools that will let me write acceptance level tests
against a running Django server. What I need is an introduction into
how to TDD views, models and any internal logic that I need to write
for the app.

I would like an hour of online one-to-one training from someone who
has experience of TDDing a Django app so I can get hands on experience
and ask questions about the best way to approach this.

I'm offering $69 for one hour. Is anyone interested?

If so, please email me directly (jon at accoladedev dot co dot uk). I
don't need to see a whole CV, but do give me an overview of how long
you have been working with Python and Django and a brief description
of a project where you used TDD on with Django.

I have a GoToMeeting account so we can use that unless you have
another tool you are more comfortable with.

I am on GMT, send me some dates and times you are available in the
next week or so.


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