Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Re: User actions logging app

On Feb 28, 11:35 pm, Mario Gudelj <mario.gud...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi list,
> I was wandering if someone could recomend an easy django app for logging
> user actions performed on models. I'd like to log changes logged in users
> make around the app.

I think there are some apps out there. The first question however is
do you want to log "user a changed object b" or do you need an audit
trail also, that is do you need to have the information of user a
changed object b's field c from value "foo" to value "bar".

I really am not the one to tell you which app is the correct one. I
usually have a small create_log_entry() method for creating entries
for modifications, and database triggers for the audit trail. The
create_log_entry is often the right way to go, as more often than not
I want to set all changes to the "main" record. That is, if somebody
changes an article's attachment, it is the article that needs to have
the changed log entry, not the attachment.

The log entry model is something like this:
class LogEntry(object):
to_pk = models.IntegerField() #lets assume you are working only
with integer primary keys
to_type = models.CharField(max_length=40, choices=(('article',
'Article'), ...))
mod_type = choices "INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE"
who = FK(user)
what = models.TextField() # A "comment" for the edit
when = models.DateTimeField()
def create_log_entry(cls, to_obj, edit_type, user, what_done):

Combined with database-level triggers you can get a good audit trail.
I have some scripts to ease maintain the DB triggers for PostgreSQL
when using Django. I hope I will have some time to polish them for
release, I believe they could be some use for the community.

- Anssi

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