Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re: De-coupling from project

On Dec 30, 2010, at 8:50 AM, eblume wrote:
> Is there a way to specify settings like STATIC_URL or FIXTURES_DIRS
> per-application rather than per-site? Even better - is there a
> mechanism to use a file in the application rather than in
> the site?

I think that your overall goal is quite admirable, but this may be an optimization too far. One way to think of the way Django organizes its code is that a project is the platform on which applications are deployed. The role of (and the top-level is to configure the applications for a particular deployment, so things like STATIC_URL that are specific to a particular deployment of the app should not be in the app itself.

Thus, the top-level should include stuff that is:

1. General across all applications, or,
2. Used to configure a particular application for a particular deployment.

All that being said, it's no big deal to emulate the include facility in; just include your app-specific settings. You can also have a '' (or whatever) file within the application that only that app imports.

-- Christophe Pettus

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