Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re: django using wrong python???

2010/12/30 ozgur yilmaz <>:
> I have Centos, and it comes with python2.4(sorry, not 2.5). I installed
> python2.6 and django is under:

I work with CentOS too but installing different python versions in
parallel seemed like a lot of unnecessary work to maintain. So I
developed python-schizoid [0], a script that installs a virtual
environment with python 2.7, django trunk and many other useful

It tries to install as much software inside the virtual environment as
possible to avoid depending on the (old) software installed on the
system. The only thing it does not install is the database engine.

Working like this makes packaging and deploying *a lot* easier because
your whole project and its dependencies (and even the python binaries)
are inside one directory. You also have the script bin/activate that
sets some useful environment variables that help working inside the

I know this doesn't actually answers your question but I thought you
may find it useful.



Alvaro Mouriño

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