Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re: django and eclipse

You have to set up the run environment. Make sure on run and
the parameters are runserver x.x.x.x:000 where x.x.x.x is the server
and :000 is the port you want to run from. After that it should not
ask anything and run off your settings.

On Dec 29, 7:38 pm, Emmanuel Mayssat <> wrote:
> I installed the pydev plugin in eclipse.
> I configured it.
> Imported my django project and it almost works.
> Is any one of you using django/eclipse?
> Well, all goes well until I start the django development server.
> 1/ how can I change the default port, it is running on ?
> 2/ My sqlite db files is regenerated by the runserver (I had never
> seen  that!) in a different directory (at the project level).
> If I symlink the 2 db files, it works as expected.
> Any clue?
> BTW, I noticed that when creating a django project in eclipse, it ask
> for the path to the db files (when using sqlite3)
> It is configured to point to the right location, but runserver doesn't get that.
> So what is this db file path used for ? ( is created but
> not even configured...)
> --
> Emmanuel Mayssat

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