Monday, January 31, 2011

Django session gets confused behind proxy, already logged in


Currently we're having some issues with a user of our product who uses
a proxy on their internal network.

According to their system administrator the proxy is open to port 80
and 443, and doesn't do anything with cookies and such, only blocks
out some sites.

The problem: when user X logs in to our application, user Y also gets
logged in on a computer who didn't use out application before (but is
behind the same proxy)?! This shouldn't be possible (django default
auth app is used)?

We're using is Apache, Nginx, Django 1.0 and Postgresql. Also note
that it does work when ran with runserver, but not with nginx.

This only occurs with this user with the proxy, on other networks, it
does work.

Anyone experienced this before? If so, how'd you solve it?

Thanks in advance!


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