Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: newbie question about paths

On 29 jan, 17:00, Brian Craft <> wrote:
> Suppose the project is /var/www/django/project. Following the django
> with wsgi docs, you would add /var/www/django to the path, and
> DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE would be project.settings.
> However, in that case, the path scheme described in the tutorial
> doesn't work, e.g. setting up for Polls as described will
> throw an error because it can't find a module Polls. Instead you have
> to "from project.Polls.models import Polls", which seems to break the
> modularity of the Polls app (since it has the project name embedded in
> it, now).
> So, should the wsgi config instead add /var/www/django/project to the
> path, and set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE to "settings"?

Add both "/var/www/django" and "/var/www/django/project" to your

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