Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: working django with existing database

On Jan 31, 3:29 am, arief nur andono <> wrote:
> oh please...
> i need only to query the table, have no access to modified the table
> why there is no way query the database and then make the output as object??

You don't need to modify the table. That was just a recommendation.
I also suggested changing the precision (max_digits) and scale
(decimal_places) in your models file to match what is actually used in
your data. If you have no idea what to use, then
DecimalField(max_digits=38, decimal_places=19) is *probably* safe.

If updating the models is going to be too laborious, then you should
probably look at a different ORM. I don't know whether SQLAlchemy
will do a better job introspecting your database, but it's worth a
shot and can be used in conjunction with TurboGears or Pylons.


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