Saturday, January 29, 2011

pymssql: Problem with Unicode string

I am using pymssql-1.9.908. And I have MSSQL2008 database server.
I ran following code from python 2.6:
import pymssql
conn = pymssql.connect(host='testserver', user='sa',
password='sa', database='testdb', as_dict=True)
crms = conn.cursor()
crms.execute('SELECT cc_Name FROM tblUsers')
for line in crms.fetchall():
print 'cc_Name:', self.unicodify(line['cc_Name'])
the result is-> cc_Name: ?????, ???
But the actual data is "Аймаг, хот" and I expect that the output would
be "cc_Name: Аймаг, хот".

Here is my question:
How to get Unicode data from MSSQL database using pymssql library?

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated!

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