Monday, January 31, 2011

pyodbc & FreeTDS: Can I work with NVARCHAR column on MSSQL2008

I have FreeTDS, pyodbc-2.1.8, python-2.6, ubuntu-10.4.
I also have MSSQL2008 database server on Windows7.

My question is: Can I get unicode data from nvarchar column on
Mssql2008 database using pyodbc?
To do this, what does other library or configuration need me?

I use FreeTDS driver to connect with mssql by pyodbc. But I don't know
version of FreeTDS.
How to know the version of FreeTDS?

My current state is, I can connect with mssql. But I can not get
unicode data!
My code is:
import pyodbc
conn =
crms = conn.cursor()
crms.execute("SELECT cc_Name FROM tblHR_CodeClass")
for line in crms:
print 'cc_Name:', str(line.cc_Name)
Expected result is 'cc_Name: Аймаг, хот', but instead
'cc_Name: ?????, ???' comes.

Please, share your experience!


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