Thursday, July 28, 2011

Re: Django, Pinax, Dreamhost Project

Hey Jeremy,

You want to use the development version and the basic project. (This
is a little counter intuitive based on the current website.
I found this out by posting and reading on Pinax Users Google Group. I
read that group more frequently than this one.)

The creators of Pinax do consulting work as do others. You probably
want to be more specific in telling people what you want your site to
for you and your background to receive more specific help.

If you need more assistance, feel free to ask.

Jonathan of Cambridge

On Jul 26, 12:03 pm, Jeremy <> wrote:
> Hello all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but
> was sent this direction, so if not please let me know.  I'm incredibly
> new to Django, and I'm trying to set up a personal site with a Pinax
> install.  I chose Pinax because most of what the site needs to do,
> Pinax is capable of "out of the box."  I'm sure there are similar
> options and if so please let me know.  The point is I'm running into
> errors just getting the site off the ground, but I need to have it up
> and running really soon.  I am totally willing to pay someone to give
> me a hand with this (keep in mind my funds are a little limited) via
> Pay Pal.  Let me know if anyone can help.  Again, let me know if this
> post isn't appropriate and I'll try and find a better place for it.
> Feel free to contact me at with your rates.
> Thanks.

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